Baliapatam Tiles and Business Ventures Ltd.

The Company is one of the leading manufactureres of structural clay products in Kerala state. Since its inception in the year 1947, the company has been manufacturing quality clay building materials of high technology. The Registered office of the company is located at Pappinisseri, 10 kms from Kannur in the state of Kerala. The company has five factories with an annual installed capacity of over 175 lakhs standard roofing tiles.

The range of clay products manufactured by the company are classified as under:

  • Mangalore Pattern Roofing Tiles and Ridge Tiles paving bricks

  • Solid, Perforated and Hollow clay Bricks for load bearing and partitiion walls

  • Hollow clay bricks and clay channels for construction of roof and floor slabs.

  • Decorative clay tile for roofs and wall.

  • Terrace paving Bricks for weather proofing & insulation of R.C Roofs.

  • Ventilator Bricks

  • Paving bricks for driveways.